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#51 2017-01-05 14:03:55

From: Michigan
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Re: The JDM STI Saabaru, An EJ207 and 6-Speed filled Wagon

92xGot2boostit2 wrote:

always hating on wheels..........SMH

Always, lol.
I was thinking about getting some 17x8.5 RPF1's as that is the widest that's fitting in my fenders with Brembo clearance but they would have been race only wheels and rarely on the car for Daily Duty. lol


Sorry for the lack of updates. Not much is happening with the Saabaru. For it's first winter (In my Ownership, but probably ever in it's life), the Saabaru is in Storage for winter and I picked up a daily. big_smile

The Winter Daily is a 2003 (2002.5) Subaru Legacy L Special Edition (Woodgrain Dash/Door Switch Trim, Sunroof, 16" Snowflake wheels), naturally aspirated EJ253 (stock motor, swapped to a JDM EJ202), Automagic 4eat trans. lol
I got it with the standard overheating issue. Difference here is the previous owner had the heads refreshed with new OEM STI headgaskets 12k Miles ago and it was still overheating so my assumption is something is warped causing exhaust gases to get into the cooling system still. This would cause a nice air pocket in the system that would get trapped around the thermostat and not allow that to regulate temp like it should.

My plan was simple, purchase a JDM EJ201-EJ203 motor and swap it in. They are all SOHC so they will work. Only things that don't make it a drop in and go swap is the cam/crank gears, cam/crank sensors, along with the rest of the motor sensors need to be swapped for the original USDM motors sensors so the USDM ECU still gets the correct ready.

I got everything swapped over and the motor installed, but I got lazy in one area that came back to haunt me. The original intake manifold to cylinder head, gaskets didn't come off cleanly and I didn't scrape all that old material away before stacking a good gasket on top and bolting everything together. It didn't want to run 100% for the first week I was driving it with some erratic CEL codes so a mechanic friend, who has done the Saabaru's swaps, discovered a large vacuum leak from those gaskets. I had him do the repair and now it drives 98% good. I think either the torque converter of trans has a slight issue so I picked up some highly recommend Trans-X magic trans fix product to add in at some point here. If it noticably helps, the $5 bottle will have been worth it. Otherwise it drives, I'm paying for regular 87 octane gas in it, and it gets a little better mileage than the Saabaru. :derp:

While I was repairing the Legacy, I was still driving the Saabaru and it got cold here in Michigan. The Dunlop Direzza ZII tires saw some 20 Degree (F) mornings, probably 3 weeks of mid to low 30 Degree (F) days and the first snow storm (which dumped around 6" of snow. The storm happened late afternoon on a Friday. My drive home from Oakos Automotive (Job #1) was fine but I had to work 6pm to 10pm at Job #2 that night (only 3 miles away from my home). The short drive home that night wasn't good. Putzing along slowly on the roads, as soon as I pulled into the driveway that has a slight incline immediately, I got stuck on the hard packed snow. Took me a bit to figured out that scraping some road surface clean in front of each of the wheels allowed me enough traction time to build some momentum. Got up the first little incline and lost forward momentum for the rest of the slighter uphill gradient (Only 25 foot more and in goes back downhill). Scraped the road again and finally got to my parking spot. Made for a little stressful night.

Now the Saabaru is staying in storage til spring so it can snow all it wants. The Legacy only has All Seasons on it but they are really new so hopefully I won't have any issues. Now I spend the winter working, playing video games on my newly upgraded setup racing steering wheel simulator setup (went from Xbox 360 to Xbox 1 for Forza 6 and Forza Horizon 3), and planning the next car parts for the Saabaru.

My sim setup is awesome and I am loving Forza Horizon 3. Would like to pickup Fanatec's fancy H-Pattern shifter and E-Brake plug-ins but not at the moment. My setup is:
[*]Fanatec CSL Elite Wheel Base
[*]Fanatec CSL "P1" Steering Wheel for Xbox One
[*]Fanatec CSL Elite Pedals
[*]Fanatec CSL Elite Loadcell Brake Pedal Kit 

Currently, my Wedsport SA-55M wheels are up for sale. Finally got the matched, replacement wheel in. I'm asking $1700 for all 5 of them.

Otherwise, the parts plan for the Saabaru this winter is:
[*]Feal 441 Coilovers: Rear Camber Plates, Standard 7k/5k (F/R) Springs (Corner Balanced and properly setup by Turn In Concepts)
[*]Koyo VH Series 36mm direct fit Radiator
[*]Defi Racer Oil Temp Sensor
[*]Get Intake Manifold re-powdercoated Wrinkle Red, maybe find a few other this to get powdercoated under the hood.
[*]New Intake Fuel Filter
[*]ABS Sensors to fix ABS system
[*]Used Rear Wiper Motor

I am currently planning on buying a intermediate driving ticket for Gridlife this June at Gingerman Raceway so the Saabaru needs to be ready to go by then.

I also took one picture of the Saabaru of it's bath just before going back to Storage.

2005 Saab 9-2x Aero, Red, Leather, HID's, Winter Package, Manual Trans
JDM Ver 8 EJ207 - RCI 1000cc Injectors, EBCS, Intake, BPV, Catless TBE, Pro-Tuned: 306awhp & 276wtq
JDM FSTI 6mt w/ JDM Ver8 Widetrack STI Drivetrain, 5x114.3 & Brembo Brakes - STI Struts & Lowering Springs, Front MSI Camber Plates
2003 Subaru Legacy L Special Edition, Silver, Auto Trans (Daily Driver/Winter Car)



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#52 2017-01-05 15:24:43

Zee Biker
From: Between Detroit and Indy
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Re: The JDM STI Saabaru, An EJ207 and 6-Speed filled Wagon

I just realized after reading another thread that you were sedan track AND FXTi trans. A ton to be jealous of!

Glad to see this got parked and you're putting miles on a Legacy. I put my car away and am in a Jeep Cherokee for the winter myself!

05' Silver Aero: 04 STi 6 speed, DB20g, EWG, e85, and happy.


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