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#1 2016-08-31 13:58:14

From: Vancouver BC Canada
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Fender bender - How to Rebuild


I was recently hit from behind and subsequently hit the next car in front of me as well. The cars were all parked nose to tail on a curbed sidewalk. A Large SUV hit the car behind me that started the chain reaction and in the end 5 cars were affected. I will attache some pics bellow.

I am in discussion with the insurance companies and of course would like to save my Saab. I have put a lot of tome and energy into her and would like to save her.

I have had to educate the body shop about the car to my best abilities that it is basically a Subaru impreza with different cosmetic elements. My main concern is the member that the trunk latches to has been bent in. And i assume this will need to be removed and replaced.

Has anyone else been in a fender ender and have any experience as to what models of Subaru might help to fix the structural and hidden elements

Iv found some links to bumpers and such for the cosmetic side. As well i have found a 'new' used trunk lid as well with glass ext. Taillights will need to be replaced as well as all the brackets are broken off. Again main concern is the horizontal structural element that latches to the trunk lid is bent in.

The front looks fairly fine, the absorbers would need to changed i imagine but cosmetically and structurally the frame and under the hood look fine. A fresh coat of paint on the bumper would finish it off.

The Rest
The side and quarter panels look un effected, as well as teh trailer hitch and STI exhaust .  banana

Any help would be great. Im located in Vancouver Canada as well if there are any 'wrecked' Saabs up here who's parts I could use.



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#2 2016-08-31 14:15:39

long live R0LO!
From: Fair Oaks, CA
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Re: Fender bender - How to Rebuild

So looks like you've got a source on replacement 92x parts for the rear bumper and hatch?

I am uncertain but I would assume the frame/body parts underneath the bumper skin that hold the bumper in place and hold the part you're referring to that latches the hatch would be shared with any 02-07 impreza wagon. It'd be worth looking into, if that will need to be replaced or repaired.

Since the taillights, bumper and hatch need to be replaced I wonder if cost was a concern with replacement Saab parts if you could just swap to an Impreza wagon rear end.

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#3 2016-08-31 19:05:44

From: Central CT
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Re: Fender bender - How to Rebuild

The tailgate latch is attached to the unibody, I would expect a shop to put it on the rack and pull it back into position. Cutting and welding is not in the budget without totalling and I can't see how it would result in a better result. As mentioned you could replace the rear end with Impreza parts cheaply and easily.



#4 2016-08-31 19:57:24

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Re: Fender bender - How to Rebuild

Check and you'll find lots of auto wreckers and dismantlers that might have a full car that they're selling for parts. I recently found a used engine through them, and the car it came out of was a linear that was hit on the driver front side. Shipping might cost you done, depending where you'll find the part you need at



#5 2016-09-01 18:01:21

From: Vancouver BC Canada
Registered: 2016-04-04
User Number: 36264
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Re: Fender bender - How to Rebuild

Thanks guys. Ideally keep the saab bum. Not a huge fan of the subaru look. Hence buying a Saab. But good point non the less as it would be cheaper / easier to swap an impreza back.

Car is good i agree found my wheels on there. Still waiting to hear back from the body shop and insurance claim.

If anyone else has any experience with fender benders and saabs let me know if you have any tips.

Thanks !



#6 2016-09-03 14:03:49

accept no substitutes
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Re: Fender bender - How to Rebuild

I bet an insurance company would total out the car with that much damage (and I didn't even see the front)
Anything that gets into the unibody of the car, which this did since the lower rear was pushed in, will require extensive frame and core body work which usually isn't cost effective for a car worth under $5k

It's a non turbo anyways, I would take a full insurance payout (make sure you impress how rare the cars are especially in Canada) and then buy an Aero smile

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