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#51 2016-11-30 12:36:26

Headroom is overrated...
From: Boulder CO
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Re: Potato-Boring Fuel-Sipper

Bunnspeed wrote:

Hell, if you shop carefully you can get a cheap mid-sized luxury cruiser with the sleeper 3800 V6 with the supercharger, best known for powering the Grand Prix GTP but which also snuck into a number of other cars. Regal GS, some LeSabres and a few others. It's nice to have a little power in your boring daily...and that's another virtue of domestic luxury. Most have smooth, torquey V6 and V8 motors.

Even without the supercharger, the 3800 V6 is a quick engine, and one of the most reliable you can find.  The H-bodies (LeSabre, Park Avenue, Bonneville) with either motor are fantastic cruisers and super comfortable.  Their Achilles heel is their electronics, and durability of the interiors.  The W-bodies (Lumina, Impala, Grand Prix, Regal, Intrigue) are more robust, some can be found with the 3800, the Intrigue had a DOHC V6 that was much smoother than the 3800, but not as torquey on the low end.  You can also find Impalas with the 5.3L V8 shoehorned in, but I don't think those have dropped to the $5K range yet.  The W cars don't have the electronic gremlins that the H-cars have, and the interiors, though not as attractive, are much more durable.

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#52 2016-12-08 09:07:51

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Re: Potato-Boring Fuel-Sipper

Finally got the saabaru back the other day. Car looks great and feels great  big_smile I'm still planning on selling though.  So, I'm now seriously looking for a car. 

Top contenders: Honda Fit, Nissan Altima, Ford Fiesta, Toyota Highlander (is it even possible to get good mpg with this?), and something from the w-body series since both Bunnspeed and Reacerjim wrote fairly comprehensive and impassioned posts about the benefits of these comfortable (possible sleeper) cars

If you have more reasons as to why I should consider your recommendation, please feel free to tell me. Remember you're all competing for a potato or package of meat mailed to you with a picture of my foot.  Posts will be judged seriously because this is serious.

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#53 2016-12-08 09:46:35

From: Marietta, GA
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Re: Potato-Boring Fuel-Sipper

Personally, I would drop the Altima if you are considering an automatic. The CVT on your price range Altima is very problematic. We have an 07 and the trans had to be replaced under extended warranty. I have also heard newer Fiestas with the auto are problematic.

Honda Fit is probably the best choice on your list.



#54 2016-12-08 10:02:48

Why Am I Still Here?
From: NW Indiana
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Re: Potato-Boring Fuel-Sipper

Corolla  big_smile

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#55 2016-12-09 11:14:09

From: albany, ny
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Re: Potato-Boring Fuel-Sipper

whalecliff wrote:

Toyota Highlander (is it even possible to get good mpg with this?)

No.  But you could get good mpg with the same engine in a smaller car... say an Avalon.
I would also drop the Altima.

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