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#1 2016-12-18 18:07:11

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vf39 in stock ej205. What do I need to upgrade?

So im buying a rebuilt vf39 tonight for $350 and hes giving me stock sti pink injectors with it. Ill be putting this in my 05 92x with an ej205 motor i just bought (cracked heads on my old motor). picked up the new motor for a grand, has arouund 50k miles on it.
so Im just wondering what else ill need to upgrade for my car to handle the turbo upgrade, obviously the injectors ill get with the turbo. Im also aware ill need a better fuel pump, any suggestions? I also know when all said and done ill need to get it tuned. anything else? recomendations?

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#2 2017-01-06 10:28:14

From: Radnor, PA - Boston, MA
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Re: vf39 in stock ej205. What do I need to upgrade?

If you're going to get tuned, you'll probably want to do any of the mods on your list first so you can maximize the benefit of your gains. As you said, you need a fuel pump. If your car is an '05, you're going to want to ditch the cat in the up-pipe as well and replace with either an aftermarket UP or an STi catless UP. I have an STi UP and a Deatscheworks fuel pump for sale, if you're interested.

As I said, any other plans you've got, you're better off saving up, picking up all the parts, and doing it all at once to really get the most out of your tune. That's what I did, and was super happy with the results. I did vf-39, intake, UP, STi TMIC, FP, boost control solenoid (ixiz FTW) and injectors all at once, and then got tuned.  driving

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#3 2017-01-06 10:30:21

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Re: vf39 in stock ej205. What do I need to upgrade?

Uppipe, downpipe and turboback exhaust with everything else you should be........  driving



#4 2017-01-07 07:14:19

From: Central CT
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Re: vf39 in stock ej205. What do I need to upgrade?

Bigger tmic is a good move, the GR STI IC is big and fits well, I got one for $280 on Ebay off a MY16 that was like new. Get new o rings for those injectors and lube them up, don't need to deal with a leak later. TGV delete plates give you more room and remove one more nuisance.



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