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Buying a 92X soon.Which one would you choose?

Hi everyone,I'm new to this forum and hope to learn more before I get my first Saab in life. Since little, I've dreamed to own a Saab but not until recently did I have a chance to actually get one. Pathetic to know not a good idea to keep newer Saabs like mid '00s 93 or 95 and it's hard to find well-maintained 900s in Canada.

Anyway, I ended up thinking of buying a used 92X, a perfect combination of my Saab dream since little and a practical, reliable fun car. Thank you all for posting valuable information on this forum. So far I've known to look for things like timing belt, head gaskets, rear strut tower rot, a-arm & airbag recalls, water pump, and more.

The following are few 92x available in Toronto area. Based on the limited information stated on the ads, which one would you choose for me? Any insight is highly appreciated!!! smile My priorities are (1) reliability (I'll keep my 92X for a long long time. Willing to invest $ on her to make her  roxor but don't cost me an arm n a leg, ie. more than C$5000) (2) fun to drive.

1. … rup=1_15_2
Private Sale. 2005 Linear. Automatic. Mileage 198k KM. C$2.7K eek
No more details revealed on ad.

Dealer. 2005 Aero. checkmark Automatic. Mileage 173k KM. C$6.9k
Ontario certification & emissions included (worth about C$499)

Dealer. 2005 Linear. Mileage & transminnsion unkow. C$5.5K

Q1: Which you would you choose for me? for you?
Q2: Supposedly the first cheap 92X owner might answer "I don't know" to most of my questions and I'll have to repair/replace parts on my cost, would it make it an overall better deal since its starting price is so low? 
Q3: Maintaining a 92X doesn't require a Saab specialist mechanic since it's almost mechanically identical to Subaru Impressa WRX, right?
Q4: May i replace a 92X AERO hood with the original Linear hood?
looking forward to your insights to help my make my first Saab dream come true~  cool

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