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#1 2017-02-25 17:36:22

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Temp gauge shows overheating at highway speeds // 9-2x 2.5i linear

The car:
2005 9-2x 2.5i linear, 5-speed manual, 168k

I have replaced the:
head gasket <- needed it either way, burning oil, bubbles in the coolant and fluid mixing
radiator cap
(all to fix this over heating issue over the past month)

Timing belt (150k)

Here's what I'm dealing with:
Idling and at diving at speeds less than 60 mph, or city driving, the temp gauge reads normal operating temperature. But, at highway speeds 60+ mph and in traffic the temperature gauge will spike into the red - pretty quickly 10 mins, give or take . I will take the car off the road, park and let it cool off. Checking the engine bay - there is no steam or sings of excessive heat, no visible leaks of coolant and no sign of coolant loss. The coolant reservoir reads at the hot fill line and both fans will run and there is no sign of blockage of air flow to the radiator.

Has anyone else had anything like this happen on a 9-2x or impreza or have any idea what could be causing it? I read a thread where there was similar situation and the solution was the rad cap and really hoped that was the issue since the radiator has been replaced but the old cap was being used but there was no luck there.

I'm looking at ect sensor but only getting that idea from youtube videos and forum posts - I really have no clue

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#2 2017-02-25 20:41:52

Sooper Genius
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Re: Temp gauge shows overheating at highway speeds // 9-2x 2.5i linear

When you stop because the gauge is in the red, check if the radiator is hot (be careful of fans that might start, etc.).  If it's overheating with a cold radiator it's probably a bad thermostat.  Yes, you replaced it, but that doesn't mean it's not bad.

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#3 2017-02-25 20:49:03

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Re: Temp gauge shows overheating at highway speeds // 9-2x 2.5i linear

You have two caps, are both confirmed good? Was the system bled properly? These things can be a PITA to bleed, this system makes it much easier: … 001A4EAV0/



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