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#1 2017-03-30 13:07:53

From: Austin, Texas
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Checking In With A Progress Report, My 9-2x Still A Daily Driver!

I haven't been on the site for a while due to moving to a new office. I wanted to give a sort of progress report on my Saab. Forgive me if this is boring, I like to hear how other people's cars are doing and thought there might be others the same. I was looking for a cheap commuter and bought a black Linear with Auto in June, 2016. Obviously I wanted something with a manual and turbo, but I also wanted to save my bad knee some strain. For about $2000, no rust and all maintenance done, I couldn't complain! I named her Inga after Jamie Lee Curtis in Trading Places. "Ya, I'm Inga from Sveeden.."
She had 174k miles and had been well maintained mechanically. Fast forward seven months and I've put 12,000 more miles on her, stop and go 0-70-0 Austin traffic mostly. I've been getting 21-23 mpg in traffic and 25-26 the few times I've done highway driving.
The body had some dents and paint fading on the rear spoiler and hatch. The driver's front fender and bumper cover were damaged from a pickup backing into it.
I did a home respray on the faded paint and fixed the front end damage before another pickup at Walmart decided to hit and run in the exact same spot. Looks like it did before I worked on it! I'll get on it soon.
I got a CEL not long after purchase, replaced the #4 plug wire and boot and the problem went away. The PO had redone the cooling system before I bought her, I made sure to get receipts. He said the timing belt had been done too, but no receipt. It looked okay just from visual inspection so I took him at his word. Last week I redid the timing belt, water pump etc. because it had been nagging at me. The old belt came off and guess what? The outside looked good but the inside part was missing 6 inches of teeth and the cord was showing everywhere. Disaster averted!
Two days later I noticed the power steering pump is making a little moaning sound when cold and the A/C had to be recharged yesterday. She uses about a half quart of oil every 1000 miles or so.  There is a small amount of oil leakage underneath, but nothing major and I can't find the source. I cleaned it thoroughly and hopefully will be able to find the source. The diff makes the juddering noise in tight turns and the trans does the occasional hard shift, I'm going to try the drain and fill and see if that helps, but other than that it's alright.
I want to get it back to close to how it was new as my almost 15 year old is getting his learner's permit in a couple of months and has already claimed the "Black Saab" as his!



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