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#1 2016-12-21 23:28:22

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New Saabaru Owner with questions!

First off,  I'd like to say,  I've owned my 2005 Linear for about a month now,  and have been reading everyone's write-ups and all the helpful information on here has been great.  Still a bit confusing trying to find parts and getting to understand exactly what parts are compatible and what arent is nightmarish. 

I live in upstate Michigan (lincoln/Alpena) and work at O'Reilly's auto parts.

I have a rust spot on my rear quarter panel that I want to replace as a number 1 priority,  but  I'm curious as to what interior mods people have done.  For example,  lighging/bucket seats/ shift knobs/ anything quirky and fun. 

My goal with the car is to make it fun and quirky,  with some stylish exterior mods and a comfortable ride.  For reference.  Thanks!

P.S. what grade of gas does everyone run?  I've been running 87 since I bought it?

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#2 2016-12-23 15:21:48

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Re: New Saabaru Owner with questions!

I just recently got mine back up and running again. No pics yet but I have a momo shift knob that came with the car, little expensive but they're really nice and I love the style of them. Soon I'll be wrapping the center gray cover that goes around the radio and vents and the Two side vents that are gray also, it'll probably be carbon fiber or white. If you want to make the engine bay look a little more attractive you can always paint the intake (only reason I did this was because I swapped the motor otherwise it's a pretty timely project)
Other than that I plain on doing a lot more soon but welcome to the rare club lol

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#3 2017-01-15 20:15:47

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Re: New Saabaru Owner with questions!

non-turbo should run 87, basic regular fuel. no reason to run anything more (turbo models need premium)

for making the car more spirited and fun to drive, the important upgrades are mostly suspension and tires:
- upgraded struts and springs
- upgraded front + rear sway bars with good endlinks
- good tires, and maybe go for some 17" wheels while you're at it. for example some 2011-2014 WRX wheels



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