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#101 2017-01-11 14:02:08

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Re: Off-Road Bar / Light Bar Interest - Possible Group Buy

Skemcin wrote:

SZIG17 wrote:

Honestly I'd love one of these but the price is just slightly out of my range. I could buy a winter beater for 600 bucks.


However - not arguing, just pointing out a more complete apples to apples scenario - for that second vehicle, does that $600 include the purchase of said beater, vehicle registration, insurance, and planned (and even unplanned) maintenance for the life for the car? Do you have room for it - driveway, garage, or street parking might not be available for everyone.  A second car isn't going to hold up to 8 auxiliary lights for you or increase the handling on your other car.  Your winter beater won't make your other car look that much better and it definitely won't protect the undercarriage of your other car when you drive it any other time.

The Offroad Bar doesn't winter proof your daily driver - which is all a $600 winter beater does.  The Offroad Bar, as illustrated, does so much more.

But again, I understand if you don't see value in it - that's ok.  I don't see value in a Coach Purse - but my wife does!

If anyone has any questions on the Offroad Bar and its purpose, function, costs, etc. please feel free to post up - I'm happy to have the discussion.

Any chance you guys are still moving forwards with these? I know it's been a while, but your links all 404 on your site.



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#102 2017-02-04 01:53:12

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Re: Off-Road Bar / Light Bar Interest - Possible Group Buy

You can see on instagram


Still working on but i love how it has turned out so far.

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#103 2017-03-12 23:44:50

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Re: Off-Road Bar / Light Bar Interest - Possible Group Buy

Yeah, I'm still interested if this ever becomes a thing again. I remember seeing the 9-2X bars up on Gorilla's site awhile back but there's no 9-2X stuff at all anymore.



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