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#1 2017-02-14 21:31:53

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AP stage 1 limp mode? Help!

I feel like a lot of responses will be " Call Cobb " and yes I promise I will but I'd like to know if anyone here can help me seeing as it's 830pm and I'm a little worried.
  Basically I got my AP v3 today and installed it and ran the stage 1 map ( car is stock except for mishimoto radiator, bigger intercooler, and a K&N air filter with stock air box) and as soon as I would normally hit boost it just cuts off and bogs down. It seems like  it could possibly be "limp mode" which from what I read means that the ECU is detecting SOMETHING dangerous is happening and it limits my performance so I can "limp" to the dealership. Well this only happens in the stage 1 tune. The second I put it back to the married Cobb stock mode it runs perfect (peak boost up to about 14.6 psi). Again, I will call Cobb in the morning but does anyone have any ideas? Does it sound like it's limp mode?  because if there was a boost leak wouldn't it happen in stock mode as well? I have never touched the wastegate and the restrictor pill is still in the line. Here's the major downfall, (please don't get mad at me) It's a 2005 92x Aero with 158k miles and as far as I know only 2 owners. The owner before me didn't seem to know a lot about cars or about this car so I couldn't tell you what else could have been done to the car but with my knowledge it doesn't seem like there is anything else upgraded. Let's say for shits and giggles that its not a stock turbo or maybe not stock injectors ( which I've been meaning to check I keep forgetting ), would something like that possibly cause limp mode in a stage 1 tune? Or maybe it doesn't like the intercooler or air filter? Any help or knowledge now would be awesome but yes I do plan on calling Cobb tomorrow morning. Thanks guys



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