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#1 2017-02-25 17:50:30

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05 headlight issue (xenon I think)

Hi all,
I've got an 05 aero with what I think are the xenon lights. They have a bluish appearance, can be adjusted from inside the car, and have an odd geometric shape. One side is often dimmer than the other and also often has condensation inside the housing.  I've noticed a small bulb near the main bulb is out on that side. What is the best way to approach fixing this up? Any guesses on the parts needed and sources for them? Seems like I need to dry out the housing and make sure it stays water-tight?



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#2 2017-02-25 18:05:49

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Re: 05 headlight issue (xenon I think)

First guess would be that there is either a crack in the headlight or the cap on the back where you reach the bulbs from wasn't tightened all the way the last time a bulb was changed or loosened over time - if the assembly is the same as the linear. One bulb being brighter might be because one is newer. Replacing both bulbs together should/might fix that. So, id try, finding replacement bulbs for both headlamps (owners manual should have the bulb # and a diagram of which bulb is which). Then opening the back portion grabbing a hair dryer, on low drying out the one with condensation and checking it for cracks. After that replacing all the bulbs and making sure the back caps are on tight when youre done

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#3 2017-02-25 18:54:16

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Re: 05 headlight issue (xenon I think)

If you have the electronic leveling knob, you have HIDs.

3e3 is right about the color/brightness difference - you should replace them in pairs to avoid that. They will slightly color shift as they age.

The little side marker bulbs are a pain to replace but can be done without removing the housing.

Condensation in the housing is a bit of a bear...hopefully your dust cap was left off or something simple and obvious like that. If it is cracked, you'll have to replace it, and HID housings are not cheap. You could try resealing it as well (remove the housing, bake it in the oven at ~210F for 10-12 minutes, separate the lens from the housing and reseal it).



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