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#1 2017-04-08 16:01:35

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Seriously looking to buy a 92x looking for advice.

So I'm looking into buying my first 92x and I'm having some trouble deciding on what route to take. I would love to get my hands on a 2006 aero MT with decent mileage but know they're hard to come by. I definitely want an Aero with a manual transmission, with decent mileage on it. I would like to get a good bit of life out of the car.

- How feasible is a auto to manual swap? I found a really clean 2006 Aero with 66k miles on it but sadly in a auto. I realise this will add a few grand to my purchase and some headache but having a clean low mileage 92x is really attractive.

- Should I just go with a higher mileage 120k+ car in a manual? At what point would the mileage be too high on these cars that it'd be advisable to pass on it?

Sorry if this post isn't very coherent I'm on my phone as I type this. Feel free to add in any other advice you may in seeking out a 92x or anything I should be aware of before purchasing one.




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